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Broken Branches Ministries 


Marshall has never missed an opportunity to be impactful in a positive way in his community, as evidenced by the many projects he initiated in our hometown. His expertise transcends matters of studies and work. Marshall has a strong character, is trustworthy, and helps solve problems with insight, intelligence, and great care. Marshall is a true optimist, and this coupled with his positive attitude has helped him accomplish any task he’s set his mind on.

-Jon Michael Greenwood, CEO Entertainment, Gaming Legal Technology


I read scriptures here and there and it was doing it but I was still hungry. So, when I was invited to come join Broken Branches Ministries Bible Studies on Monday nights via Zoom and Facebook, I wasn't sure what the experience was going to be like for me. However, upon the first-time meeting via the rooms, I found there were people from all walks of life that were somehow looking for the same thing......To be spiritually fed and to develop a closer relationship with the almighty. The weekly studies and teachings have helped me grow into a better person and get me back to my roots that have been instilled in me since I was a little girl. During this pandemic this has been exactly what I needed to keep me focused and have growth spiritually. I've known Pastor Marshall since I was seven years old, and I consider him my Big Brother/Family and his lovely wife, Karen, my Bonus Sister/Friend. I thank God for them both. They are definitely some great teachers/ disciples of God's love. 

– Amanda Moss

Broken Branches Ministries is a very uplifting bible-based ministry. The posts are full of the word of God and sincere prayers. I look forward to each post.

– Ashley Coffey Warren

 One of Marshall's greatest attributes is his ability to quickly develop positive and authentic relationships with individuals from many different backgrounds. I have found Marshall to be very compassionate, open-minded, unselfish, and empathetic for others.

– Professor Scottie McMullen


The devotions are inspirational & thought-provoking. I look forward to reading the devotion each day! Food for my soul.

- Leisa Hawes Blissett

Broken Branches Counseling


Broken Branches was and still is a true light to one of the darkest seasons of my life! I have been fully transformed and healed by the words of wisdom and love Mrs. Ayers imparted into my life.

- Jazmine

Marshall is a good judge of character and is a role model for young men to follow. I value his advice and encouragement.

– Reverend Ernie Boone II

I am very happy and give a big thank you to Broken Branches Counseling service! Karen helped me face some big life challenges that I needed support and guidance with. I was always treated with love and felt respected! The counseling helped me as I healed! I highly recommend Broken Branches Counseling! 

- Leigh McGuirt

Marshall recently stated, "I want to be remembered as a bridge-builder and as a man who tried to inspire everyone." These are not just empty words; he truly walks this talk. In any capacity as friend, coach, mentor, or counselor, one could not ask for a better person than Marshall Ayers.

– Keith Gerlach, Navy Veteran, Engineer

I loved my time with Karen.  She not only sat with me in my mess and my hardest times, but she also made a point of making sure that I no longer skipped over my past hurts and childhood wounds.  She helped me discover what healing in a healthy way looked like.  She offered compassion, empathy, and told the truth even when it was hard.  I highly recommend Karen as a therapist.

-Kris C

I am truly a firm believer that people come into your life for either a reason or a season.  It just happened to be this one particular season, that I bit off more than I can chew.  Karen Ayers was brought into me and my family lives to help with the different youth I was fostering.  I watched her work with them, and she was beyond amazing and attentive as a therapist.  I admire Karen’s style, dedication, consistency, and assertiveness when providing services to youth that face transitional challenges from traumatic backgrounds.  I felt a vibe from Karen, that she loves to serve those in need.  I than realized I needed her assistance within my own family.  I knew I was overloading her with my immediate and foster family, but as selfish as it could’ve been, Karen made it possible!

When Mrs. Karen would visit for her sessions with various foster children I cared for, she would “SEE ME” even when I couldn’t see me.  I knew then, I needed this woman of God, who not only walks in ministry, but is doing God’s work (serving others with her calling).  As time went on, my biological son and I were introduced to Karen’s husband (Life Coach) Marshall.  Just as his wife, Coach Marshall’s walk with God and ministry is just what I needed for my son transitioning into being a man.  I’m truly thankful and Blessed to have Mr. & Mrs. Ayers in me and my family’s lives. 

- J.C.

In 2020 I was referred for counseling at a time when I was extremely broken, confused, and literally just discharged from a mental hospital for the third time in my life. At that point I was eager to do whatever work that needed to be done to ensure the I got whatever I had going on with me under control. Mrs. Karen encouraged me to relive and walk back through those dark moments. Which was painful but ultimately led me to many major breakthroughs. She filled my “toolbox” with tools that I use every day and I even have my children using. I am now stable and can decipher when and what tool I need to use if I find myself coming off course. Mrs. Karen has blessed my life. She started off as a therapist but is now what I see as family because that’s the type of love she delivered with every session. Authenticity and guidance are something we all can use. I truly want to thank you because you’ve helped guide me into a way better person in just a years’ time.

- CM

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